leaking out of my head

With crazed Ninja’s Demon Blade, Spanking Paddle, Leather Paddle, to moon and the stars and back, substrate-level phosphorylation, “cutter” in the garment industry; his job was to use, to want to return again into the Tower, streaming light out of the crown chakra, a Shell-Shocked Veteran, a “Fetish” Paddle for Flirting, in “the matrix, the lines of data, the avatars,” metabolic reaction that results in the formation of ATP or GTP, and blocks of life sitting out there in the cold, “the old man presented each of us with a medal of gold.”

“The fontanelle is deep, soft, throbs.” It is surprisingly cool. A “head” most of the time, a Top-Grade Flogger Whip, SINLOLI Faux Leather. “The codes, the codes are matter, burnt in our skin.” Direct transfer of a phosphoryl(PO3) group tenuous “gas” between the stars.

Had he …. dark passages in the wall so many and various, a column of light illuminates the room, after his first fight against Diablo Whips, Bondage Sex Toy for Couple, the railway lines circling New Berlin to ADP or “GDP” from another phosphorylated compound. “Levitation, faith healing and ESP.” On one side were these words: “she is passive, receptive,” and in the April Fools’ Day chapter: “Master Series ‘Intense’ Impact Cane, Black.”

“The gas mask was fastened on my face, I raised my young eyes.” Unlike oxidative phosphorylation, oxidation and phosphorylation are not coupled, latexy fetish, foot domination (with slaves). We all met again in the nethermost vault, strangely in control, the more passive the more in control. He lights a cigarette this way, sexywhips Ultra Long Leather Tassels, raw so raw, opened from jaw to hip. In the process of substrate-level phosphorylation, the matrix is a holographic projection (Art is the Priestess of Nature).

Circled or am I circling. One-Winged Angel, Whip Flogger Fetish Sex Flirting Tools “bleeding, shedding skin, losing” and reactive intermediates are most often gained that emits from Saturn. “Entirely yellow apparel was given to us, together with our golden fleeces.”

Who circles whom? Perpetual Frowner. See all smart home devices burning core in my stomach in the course of oxidation processes in catabolism. Assisted by the satellite we call the moon, this time the Virgin declared to us that we were Knights. How wide is the circle? (Wears a tragedy mask)

Control smart home devices, trauma is a story I tell over and over. Most ATP is generated by oxidative phosphorylation and cosmic anti-vegans who prefer to eat suffering.

Herewith we went forth to the sea, the madness, Red Baron: sexywhips gently rub the straps of the trauma is a taste coating my tongue in aerobic or anaerobic respiration. “Remove a human’s soul-energy-matrix and place it in a containment ‘box.'” (Nature is the Daughter of Time.)

The insanity. She sighed and twirled the kitchen knife whip across your lover’s body to produce intense … trauma a haze that covers everything like dust while substrate-level phosphorylation provides quicker leakage.

leaking out my head (part 2)

“No dairy, no cow’s milk, no cow’s cheese.” Freighted with well appointed soldiers, the anger that she stabbed me with Soft Suede “Genuine” Leather. Trauma is a sound that tinges every footfall and a less efficient source of ATP.

“…. Now, if you still see bacon, sausage, and ham when I bring a pig into the room then take nothing more than this token of remembrance and plausible deniability.”

Blood from the tap or shower’s head. Equestrian Horse Sport With Braided Handle. Trauma is a shadow in the dark independent of external electron acceptors.

“It’s culture, it’s ‘the’ story, it’s the ‘Matrix’ that we have been told the whole lake almost covered with ships is just enough proof.”

The Valley of the Dead. If you’re not quite ready for a real whip trauma is a dream that dreams me. This is the case in human’s erythrocytes, whether it’s a bird, a reptile, a fish, an insect. He made a short but handsome oration. Proof is everywhere.       

At Naples’ Fontanelle Cemetery, start with a riding crop, and a sac of poison grows in me, which has no mitochondria. “A sausages, hamburgers and meatloaf.” Let off a joyful volley of shot and codes are everywhere in the province of Naples, Campania. 40-strand rubber flogger provides “intense” stinging sensations. The entrances to the hollow earth and oxygen-depleted muscle.

“butter,cheese, and ice cream.”         

Not to interpret the following narration as any vain glory but codes are nowhere.

“Moon Light Dance” by Fukami Kazuha.     

Long whips are more difficult to control the reptile flicker behind the eyes. Substrate-level phosphorylation “Jack cheese, ketchup and mayo, and thrice-cooked fries”

I answered in most humble manner, “Yes.”

They watch always. The guard returns to the observation area. Wrap around the body, which can hurt. False flags, reality as a thinning in the cytoplasm of cells during glycolysis. The reptile was discovered on a porch.

But he laughed at me, saying, “There was no need for ceremony; I was HIS father.”

They peer through her eyes.

leaking from my head (Part 3)

The lights in the cellblock begin to …           

“Fetish Fantasy, 6 Foot Advanced Leather Bullwhip, $8.99, at Lovehoney.”

I switch the codes on and in mitochondria during the Krebs cycle.

“tempeh, chickpea curry ”     

Then he asked me with what I had redeemed them? The voices speak to her. “Sam and Dean head to Livingston, Texas.” Rubber floggers come in black only I release the gas from the valve under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions, and housemade Italian vegan sausage.

I replied, “With Water and Salt.” The light in her eyes is from beyond the screen home to the Allan Polunksy Unit, described by some two weights, light and heavy. The burned books are scattered in the grass. In the pay-off phase of glycolysis, you might like stuffed crust and double cheese.   The Dove and the Raven.

The knife at my throat does not waver. Castiel kills demon.

“It is for the one who is not into pain.” He smoke from the smouldering pages, a net of 2 ATP are produced by substrate-level phosphorylation. “Include Tuscan chicken, portabella mushroom ravioli.”

The first gate where the Porter with the blue clothes waited. She pats her pockets. The Executioners Song Supernatural, the falls are made from genuine rabbit fur.

“children’s books, burning”

Substrate-level phosphorylation occurs in the cytoplasm and grilled sweet Italian sausage.

I replied, “May he then be released?”

She pats her jacket.

leaking out my head (Part 4)

Cas takes out his angel blade floggers, whips, canes, paddles, rubber toys, sensation play, pocket toys. Dismantling the furnace cells during glycolysis and in mitochondria during the Krebs cycle. Its just like chalk and cheese. “Yes,” said the King. She draws the knife and Cain says, “€Sorry, Castiel.”  

“They are beautiful whips and priced reasonably.” Seeking the gas valve            Glycolysis[edit] Menu Item. Vegetarian or Vegan. “He must take his place, and the other shall be free.” She presses the button. Their knives and guns are tossed aside, out of reach. It is very easy to learn to crack and to control. Poisoning the food, a net of 2 ATP are produced by substrate-level phosphorylation. Gluten/Wheat. Peanut. Tree Nut.

“To come to him in a little closet, and showed him the writing.”

The blade shoots out. Dean knew for a fact he wasn’t going to date demons.

“A pile of whips, chains, ball gags, and hoods”        

Don’t eat the food. The first substrate-level phosphorylation occurs after the conversion to Milk, Egg, Fish, Shellfish, Soy.          

They began to play together, at something which looked not unlike chess. Where is the gas valve? Or their demon-loving friends?

“… personal research on kinky, or non-traditional, fetishes and desires. ..” 

The voices come at night catalyzed by pyruvate kinase, producing pyruvate and ATP.           

COUNTRY HAM. PORK. OK. OK. OK. OK. OK. OK. OK. OK.   That his seed might be spread abroad far and wide. Where is the poison gas? No one else would ever believe their eyes; from feather play and light spanking. The voices do not stop. 6-carbon glucose molecule is broken into two 3-carbon molecules 

“Animals are a fiction€ a social construct.”

For this night, we may well gratify him in his desire.

She holds it to my face.

leaking out my head (Part 5)

They’d think it was a trick of the light. Orgasm and breath control. The voices speak but are not understood. Glycolysis dephosphorylation results in the production of 4 ATP relations with non-human animals are constituted through amatrix. The tables were prepared in a spacious room. The blade glistens.

Angel’s head bows, to intense multi-hour sessions in the white room, filled with voices. The net yield in 2 molecules of NADH are also produced. Animals are also alien. Their old men and the ladies and virgins, where to sit?

She holds my throat with her hand. The shape making a shadow as the afternoon light goes soft. They ordered on the extreme, each tailored to the client’s wishes.           

Tacks on the floor of the room, where can you step? Main article: Krebs cycle

Eggs, vegetarian cheeses, milk, cream, and butter, and as such, the glorious little book.

She screams.  

Bobby had never seen demons react so quickly.


“A fist to the face, you deserve what you get.”          ATP can be generated by substrate-level phosphorylation in mitochondria. Matrix of the Heart. Retribution had elected all and each of us Knights of the Golden Stone

The spittle is white around the her mouth.

The ten or so at the bar.


“Trust is shattered, trust is illusion.”

Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase[edit]   

“Smoked Apple Sage, but I’ve enjoyed this soup”

(1) That you will abominate all whoredom, incontinency and uncleanness.

Her mouth is a rictus of rage. She stopped by his side.


The tip is sensitive. Participate in the transfer of the phosphorylation potential from the matrix, serve it with fresh grated Parmesan cheese.

(2) That you through your talents will be ready to assist all that are worthy, and have need of them.

“I never hurt anyone,” tilting her head to watch the red-eye as he spoke …..           

leaking out my head (Part 6)


Anger is deeper than reason. Succinate-CoA ligase[edit] fix for my vegetarian BBQ Blues. That you desire not to employ this honour to worldly pride and high authority. I humiliated those I love as I’d seen Crowley do, when there was a light breeze and the sound of wings.

Fuchsia Flogger

Her eyes are dark, so dark.

A heterodimer composed of an invariant α-subunit and a substrate-specific Ÿ-subuni Field Roast Vegan Sausages. The anxiety floats like a bit of smoke. His mocking broke off in a scream. Fat Tail Leatherette Whip. Screaming, the foam of spit around the mouth. Only matrix enzyme generating ATP in the absence of a proton motive force, pillowy Texas kolaches stuffed with sausage. We could not choose but laugh. I inhale the anxiety as Sam sank a silver angel blade into Sub-Shop Bondage and Fetish Superstore.     

“A rictus of pain, of anger, of oblivion.”

Other mechanisms[edit]: vinegar-based barbecue sauces, afterwards ratified in a little chapel. The anxiety punches me in the head. Jacob said: “Demons(Unlimited)            1341DL Fuchsia Flogger Fat Tail Leatherette Whip.”

Will tomorrow come? Working skeletal muscles and the brain.

“Crisps, curry, ratatouille, even aubergine cake and I’m in heaven! ..”        

The highest wisdom is to know nothing. The anxiety hits me from within. They have powers to to reap havoc. Whips & Chains. How long will this night last? Capable of maintaining matrix ATP levels under energy-limited conditions.

“Sweet potato mix, Eggplant, spinach topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese”

Hung up there at that time my golden fleece and hat. The anxiety is a claw that grabs my neck and invoke sinful desires. Leatherette Whip. I barricade the door and check the locks, such as transient hypoxia.

“Eggplant Parmesan Boats (minus the sausage, of course).”

Knight of the Golden Stone

The anxiety brings down the sky to crush me, Weapon of power: Sub-Shop Whip. The locks will not hold.

Oxidative phosphorylation[edit]        Italian sausage and asiago cheese-stuffed mushrooms. A.D. 1459. The anxiety is a darkness that rises from the floor. The sword lights on fire when used. The Motivator. The kicks on the door. Main article: Oxidative phosphorylation.

“Bacon, sausages, chops, scratchings”          

Light two black …… See more Fetish Doll Notes. The screams come from the bedroom.

leaking out my head (Part 7)

A being who takes the soul from the body. Braided Bullwhip. The door collapses during cellular respiration.

“ham, gammon, belly, trotters”          .

Create practical and metamorphic techniques. The death threats accumulate around me until I am buried. 

“The destroyer (“ha-mashḥit”) kills the first-born.”          

Sub-Shop Bondage and Fetish Superstore.    I hold the door shut, desperate. The potential energy stored as filled with tomato sauce, italian sausage, ricotta solution and coagulation. She searches the closet for the gas valve but finds only clothes, high level demons … Mistress Akella’s slave. The smoke from the burning books across the inner mitochondrial membrane sway even the heartiest carnivore. Marble statues to silicon sex dolls.

She burns books. “The generational occult bloodlines, esp. in Tuscany and Naples.” Suspended upside down. The knife is always at my throat,  gradient is exploited by ATP synthase acting as a pore, a picnic with crackers and cashew cheese. The roads, earthworks, ancient groves of olive trees. The back yard glows with burning books, a bone handled knife, this perilous position has him. She pushes me up against the wall, the mitochondrial intermembrane space.

vegan Italian sausages, sliced vegan sriracha brats and oak trees, salt marshes …

The pages of burnt books scatter the back yard and sacrifice little children in front of the other children in the cages to give them maximum surface area to work. She pushes me with both hands into the matrix and coupling the release of free energy to ATP synthesis.          

“an original brat, a hot Italian sausage” Her egg is eaten with salt.

leaking out my head (Part 8)

Children’s books are burnt nothing but fragments of word. The Satanic occult conspiracy is to leave its secret confines in Masonic with their selection of fine whips. Over and over, poking my chest, electron transfer provides the energy required. “Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows.” Ear Band Alchemy, she pushes me hard hands to me chest, the aliens in fact are demons, single tail, bullwhip. How can I live like this? To actively pump H+Â out of the matrix.

“classic mac and cheese, this is a slightly spicy”

Pomegranate re-emerges and continues to be used. The guilt contorts me what could I have done. Edged blade, my feet flayed and bondage, suspension, whip. How does a home leak, become riddled?

To move down its electrochemical gradient. Brown Eyed Baker. The Third Ear Band Magic Music. The fear rides me how can I live forced to walk the hot sands upon the sterile ……slave training, punishment, what is the end of safety? An electrochemical gradient of protons (H+) vegan italian sausage crumbles. Rift cog gone lean had good gold ride.

The loneliness blankets me no one but me in silence.


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